Associate Members

Membership in the RIVTA is open to any Veterinary Technician, Assistant, Practice Manager or Receptionist in the state of Rhode Island regardless of their education or experience. Technicians that reside outside of the state of RI may also be members; as long as they support the mission of the organization.  Please do NOT mail in the application, follow the directions below.

Payment must be made by money order, credit card or PayPal – personal checks are not accepted.

Membership Application
This is NOT FOR CERTIFICATION. To become certified please follow this link.

Associate Membership

How To Gain Membership
Any technician that has been awarded certification as a veterinary technician in the state of RI will receive one year membership to RIVTA.
If you are not certified, you may submit for membership or receive membership as a group. This is open to any technician in RI regardless of education or work experience. Note: General membership in RIVTA does not constitute certification.
If you are a student, you may submit a form for student membership. A copy of proper school identification must accompany the membership application. Student membership includes a quarterly newsletter (via email only) and all other mailings/emails from the RIVTA office. Students will not be listed in the RIVMA directory.

Benefits to Membership

  • Quarterly RIVTA Newsletters
  • Discounts on RIVTA Sponsored CE Seminars/Conferences
  • Discount on NAVTA Membership
  • Connect with other Veterinary Technicians in the state of RI
  • Get involved with Improving the Quality of the Veterinary Health Care Team