Certification is a nationally recognized term by the private sector of voluntarily achieved standards. Certification is bestowed by a non-profit, professional organization to those members who have achieved said standards. It is non-governmental and voluntary. Certification expires on December 31st of each year and it includes membership.

Anyone who is joining RIVTA or renewing after September 1st MUST send all correspondence (application, CE credits, etc) via EMAIL ONLY.  You must either scan or take clear photographs of your credits and email them to the RIVTA email address:  info@rivta.org  Renewals MUST reach us by 11:59 pm on December 31st.  You will receive your certificate via EMAIL, please allow 6-8 weeks for processing especially during peak renewal season (November-December).  Please send all information (certification application, credits and payment) in at the same time.  If you choose to pay by money order, we will hold your credits/application for 1 week (7 business days).  If it takes longer than 1 week to receive payment, your information will be deleted and you will have to re-send it.  We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.  

**NEW FOR 2018**  We will no longer accept checks as a form of payment.  Payment must be made by money order, credit card or another PayPal account.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and we appreciate your understanding.

We are aware that the certification application will sometimes come across blank – in order to avoid this please take the following steps:
1.  Download the form to your computer.
2.  Save it.
3.  Fill it out.
4.  Save it again.
5.  Attach it in an email and send.

Certification Application

  • This is NOT FOR GENERAL MEMBERSHIP. To become a general member please follow this link.
  • Complete and Email the Certification Application, and Supporting Documents
  • If you are paying using PayPal, select your status and click the PayPal logo:


How To Earn Certification in RI

New Membership (Recently passed the VTNE and not credentialed in another state)

  • Completion of an AVMA Accredited Vet Tech Program
  • Minimum score of 425 on the VTNE
  • Scores must be transferred to RIVTA directly from AAVSB before applying
    • If you took the exam in RI, the VTNE scores will be in our database
    • If you took the exam through another state you will need to contact AAVSB to have your VTNE scores transferred to RIVTA
  • Complete the RIVTA Certification Application specifying NEW
    • Attach a letter of recommendation from a supervising veterinarian or vet tech program instructor
    • Attach education documentation (copy of college diploma or certificate of program completion)
  • Application fee

    Reciprocity/Transfer (Currently credentialed in another state)

  • Complete the RIVTA Certification Application specifying RECIPROCITY/TRANSFER
    • Attach a copy of your 12 Continuing Education credits
    • Attach a letter of recommendation from a supervising veterinarian

  • Request out-of-state state credential verification
    • If you hold a current credential in another state and are applying for reciprocity, you will need to request written verification of your credentials be sent to RIVTA. Verification will only be accepted if mailed to RIVTA directly from the state Board/jurisdiction office.
  • Transfer of VTNE Scores from AAVSB.
  • Application fee

Certification Renewal

  • Submission deadline is December 31st
  • Complete the RIVTA Certification Application specifying RENEWAL
  • Application fee

Late Certification Renewal

  • Submission postmarked after December 31st
  • Complete the RIVTA Certification Application specifying RENEWAL
  • $65 fee (please email RIVTA directly to receive an invoice)
  • Membership fees and CE credits are due for each year that has lapsed since last renewal
    • Example: Your certification has lapsed for 3 years. To renew, you will need to submit 36 CE credits (12 for each year), $120 for renewal dues ($40 for each year) and $75 for the late fees ($25 for each year).

Transferring VTNE Scores to Rhode Island

  • Visit www.aavsb.org to transfer your VTNE scores from your current state to Rhode Island.  There is an $80 fee paid to AAVSB to transfer scores.  
  • Once we receive the scores, you can apply for reciprocity/transfer (see above).  We recommend emailing us to inform us that your scores are being transferred.  info@rivta.org